Gray rug

The spring in Finland is very "interesting"... one day it's warm and lovely, the next day it's snowing. And so it is today, snowing. I already took my bike out and it was great to get around much faster than by walking. Now I'm walking again as I don't dare to bike on the snow. Oh well, in a week or two, or at least in a month, it'll be a lot different. But so far, there's snow on the ground and at the moment, in the air as well. 

Last week I started a new crochet project as I finished the granny square blanket. I have seen lots of rugs made with Lilli-ontelokude (cotton), either with Juhannusruusu- or Aura-pattern by Kauhavan Kangas-Aitta. I chose the Aura-pattern and used a hook #10. I still need to crochet the 3 last rounds, but before that I need some more yarn... so I'm going to the yarn store tomorrow. The rug's diameter is about 130cm when finished and it weighs almost 4 kgs. Crocheting a thick yarn with a big hook was great... I think I'm ready to start a new rug soon :). 

A friend of mine completed her studies and she bought a new sewing machine for herself as she got some money as a gift. I thought I'd make her a pretty little pincushion, which is always useful while sewing. I also gave her a jar full of colorful ribbons and buttons, just to inspire her for making things. 

Despite the gray, snowy day... I'm happy to stay inside and craft. More Birdies will be ready soon... so until then...

Have a happy week :)!