It's been a cold week here in Finland. This morning the temperature was -24°C.

Last winter I made several ice wreaths or ice cakes as I called them too. So last night
I got this idea of making some again... I added some white roses I got for my
40th birthday to decorate the wreaths. And I think the result is quite beautiful.

Here are some of the ice cakes with lingonberries which I made two years ago.
I love the white frosting on them :).

The weather is bright and sunny, and even though it's really cold.... it is so beautiful
outside. The sky is blue and the trees are gorgeous!

It's a great day to stay inside and craft! I'll better get going back to my sewings...

Stay warm!

5 kommenttia:

Karen kirjoitti...

Beautiful! I love that you added your birthday roses! I could never really do that since my birthday is in August!!! (well I guess with the freezer...oh good idea, remind me of this next summer :)) Today I had to take the car and after a really long time of scratching ice off the windshield I finally got started, according to the car thermometer -15 degrees here! Super sunny. Happy weekend, dear Mervi :) xo Karen

Elina kirjoitti...

Ihania jääkakkuja! <3 Ja onnea tuoreelle blogillesi!

memmu kirjoitti...

Thanks, Karen! I actually dried up the roses first... so that's what you could do too :)! So it's been quite cold down there too... right now the temp is around -27°C up here... brr... that's cold!!!

Kiitos paljon, Elina :)! Mukava saada sinut lukijaksi!

un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo kirjoitti...

as I said we could never do that here ! (I wish we had some colder temps !) although this past weekend we went on a hike and there was a pond that was all frozen. barely happens here.
anyway, they're all beautiful !

memmu kirjoitti...

Thank you, Valérie! It was another cold week... but now it's around -5°C, much better. I'm so ready for spring now... want to get my bike out soon!!!