Little fun with names

This is just a little post, a fun little activity for you... I got the idea from Sandra Juto's blog.

First, write the name on the folded piece of paper. Then cut around the letters, just leave the folded side uncut. You could also use patterned papers as Sandra did here.  

Unfold the names... and you'll see these fun little creatures. I like them just plain but you could draw them faces and clothes if you like. 

:) Have a good day!!! 

4 kommenttia:

Karen kirjoitti...

Very sweet and perfect for you with your delightful handwriting! Are you going to treat us to a photo of your Runeberg's tarts??? :) xo karen

memmu kirjoitti...

Thanks dear Karen :)! I think I didn't take a photo of those tarts :( and they were eaten out quite quickly too! The other day I baked some carrot muffins... tried out a new recipe and they came out pretty good too. I guess I should take photos of my bakings in the future.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi Mervi!
Very funny! :) Must try that whit kids :)


memmu kirjoitti...

:) I thought so too! And yes, I think especially A would like that...