Colorful flowers

The weather up here has changed from a cold winter weather to milder springlike weather... it snowed again yesterday but the snow is already pretty wet and heavy so it melts down quite quickly. I'm ready for spring so I made some flower brooches with a piece of reflector fabric in the middle. All kinds of reflectors have been very popular here in Finland lately and you can see all kinds of handmade ones...they're probably so popular because our dark season lasts so long and they are really useful during the winter. But, these little flowers are for spring...

A group of lovely ladies took me out last night... it was like a belated birthday dinner. I also got tulips (wonder how they knew I love them...), really cute minitulips, in many colors. So pretty! And don't they match nicely with the card I got from friend?! 

I had a great online chat with a friend this morning... I'm so happy to have you in my life!!! 

Have a beautiful day... no sun here today but I'm in a happy mood! 

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aqui pelo campo... kirjoitti...

Hi dear Mervi!!!
Finally you have a blog!!! Im so glad. Now im following you here too!
Have a great weekend!!!

Mervi kirjoitti...

Hello Mila :)! Good to see you here! Yes, you said that... finally! It's been in my mind but I don't know what took me so long. But here I am... going for new adventures. Keep in touch!

virkattu lintu kirjoitti...

Hienot heijastimet! Ja kivoja käsitöitä täällä muutenkin :)

Mervi kirjoitti...

Kiitos! Kiva kun poikkesit... blogisi on yksi ehdottomia suosikkeja: ihania värejä, kivoja juttuja... ja tietenkin virkkausta :)! Mukavaa tulevaa viikkoa!

Karen kirjoitti...

Hi Mervi,
So glad to hear you are happy - I think of you and the lingering winter up north and think sometimes it must be hard to be so patiently awaiting spring. Well spring is NOT here yet but I can tell it's just around the corner. :)
What sweet flowers you've made! That is a great idea to make a practical reflector a little bit more beautiful. When the children walk to the bus stop in the dark I know the reflectors on their jackets and backpacks make a huge difference for their safety.
I hope I said Happy Birthday to you, if not then I am wishing it belatedly to you now! Beautiful tulips and cards and most important, times with friends!
Happy Monday! xo Karen

Mervi kirjoitti...

Hello Karen,
You're right about patience when we talk about spring... ;). But we'll get there, even here in the north. In a month it'll be a lot different.

The winter months are so dark in here that every child and adults too, should have some kind of reflectors with them as they walk down the streets. I have to admit that this winter I haven't been wearing any... shame on me. But... I mostly walk on sidewalks and in town where there aren't that many cars.

And thanks for the birthday wishes. I wasn't celebrating much on that day but I'm still thinking about having a some kind of party in the summer. We'll see.

Velud'arte kirjoitti...

so cute! Congratulations!
It's nice to walk at night and to decorate the shirts!

Mervi kirjoitti...

Thanks :)!