Tiny (not so) Angry Bird

My younger son L is having his 8th birthday this week... and we've been planning it with an Angry Bird theme. The game is very popular among the kids and although I'm not that interested in those angry looking birds (would rather make them look happy!), I can't help using that theme in crafting. Especially because the kids love it! 

I found this tutorial which shows you how to make those birds by needlefelting... so I just had to try it. L loves all kinds of cute little things at the moment. He comes from school soon and I'm going to find out if he likes my little surprise for him today!  

It's a gorgeous sunny day today... and see those buds in the trees already!!! The spring is here..! 

Have a beautiful week! 

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aqui pelo campo... kirjoitti...

Hi Mervi!
This year, Spring has arrived earlier here...20 degrees here today!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!

Selinas kirjoitti...

Aivan mahtavan söpö otus. Toivottavasti poitsu tykkäs kiukkusesta linnusta :)

Mervi kirjoitti...

Really?! 20 already?! Wow... we've still got plenty of snow and it was really windy today. The roads are very icy and slippery. Wish you a lovely weekend too... we'll be celebrating L turning 8!

Mervi kirjoitti...

Kiitos Elina :)! Tykkäsi kyllä kovasti... tein itse asiassa toisenkin lintusen sekä possun. Katsotaan josko saisin kuvattuakin :)!

Helena, Craft and Creativity kirjoitti...

Super cute angry bird! ;-) And I just love the crocheted flowers below.

Happy birthday in advance! :-) And thank you for your nice comment on my blog.

Mervi kirjoitti...

Tack så mycket, Helena :)! You've got a lovely blog!!! Thanks for your visit here too!